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What Is Cursed text?

Cursed fonts, creepy text, funky text, it all comes with the same significance. we can call it demonic, satanic, or void, or sometimes hacked text too. simply, text with a specific design or with diacritical texture called cursed text. it looks quite better than usual one, but sometimes it’s hard to read.

By using the converter, on the above, below, and in the center of your text, it adds symbols automatically. For example, “Example” is normal text while “E̵x̶a̵m̷p̷l̶e̸” is cursed text generated by using the cursed text generator online tool. you can use ( to make this happen for you.

Zalgo texture has also the same meaning. this is all up to you that how well you can use it. the need for a cursed text tool is to compensate the normal keyboard because it is obvious that it can’t provide “E̵x̶a̵m̷p̷l̶e̸” type fonts. The glitch format of fonts has also similar meaning to this. In short, Creepy letters are featured or additional beauty of normal fonts which gives it an incredible look and puts it in an outstanding row of styles!

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What is the Cursed font\Text generator tool?

Now, we know what is cursed or funky text. Cursed letters are somewhere quiet better than normal. To fulfill this intention, there are lots of websites available online, Cursed text generator tool is one of them which provides many font types to just copy and paste.

Cursed text generator is such kind of tool that provide you with various types of letters. Cursed letters are useful especially to present your project with stylish and spooky fonts and also to render your text to give your messages attractive and impressive looks.

Except for this, it can substitute up to any number of strings when it does so, not only one. When several apps give only a few creepy types, the cursed text tool is more than it. Even more, text converter is easier, in which you can get your job done in just three easy steps; Type, Copy, and Paste!

How does the cursed text generator work?

Cursed text generator by using the combining method of characters. These are special characters that allow the preceding character to be changed in each other is also known as combination marks. The cursed text generator uses Unicode, which allows us to easily copy the text we generated using the magical text generator and paste it without facing any more problems.

Unicode makes it possible to transform normal font to a garbled and distorted form. The basic premise of the tool is on Unicode and on the user like you who comes with just Copy and Paste. here we’ll see, about both in little brief.

Copy and Paste

Who doesn’t like this simple task? It is a popular and simple term to reproduce the text. just copy and paste whatever you’ve got after putting in the text. we all know that the action of duplication of something and after paste it somewhere else is called copy and paste. 

It is super easy to do with this tool cause it becomes funnier by adding extra value to your text automatically. This is why this method is popular due to its simplicity and ease with which users can visually copy and export or paste text between different platforms.


There was a period when numbers on computers were interpreted by the ASCII method. Then after it was time to come to Unicode. In the beginning, it seemed impossible for Unicode developers to keep all the languages in one cater, to solve this issue they had started work on the creation of thousands of Unicode symbols.

A selection of symbols that look like the original Latin alphabet is used in Unicode. The use of Unicode in the cursed text generator tool is to blend characters to generate noise from symbols. It also allows us to allocate a code in any language to every character.

How to use this tool to generate Cursed text?

As of now, we are familiar with what are cursed letters, it’s tool and how it works. Now we’re looking forward to how to use this tool to achieve the agenda. cursed letters can be created by using this tool and for that, you have to do just three easy steps.

  1. go to
  2. Type your wish words
  3. Get a copy of your favorite reflect
  4. Paste it wherever you want

First of all, you’ll just need to enter your wanting words into the text entry area. now you have to just select your favorite designed/funky text and copy it. at last, you have to fulfill your intention by pasting it whenever you want.

For example, you want to get a spooky text of “Good Morning” and want to paste it in your WhatsApp status. as follows to backorder, you will just type it in the text area, then you’ll get a copy of your favorite cursed letters like GððÐ Mðrñïñg and that’s it! go and paste it in your WhatsApp status (or whenever you want).

Who can use this cursed text and where?

The cursed text generator tool can be useful in various ways. The reason is why we know that text is the base of every digital and social field and from students to entrepreneurs, everyone needs it in their own ways. normal text can also be used, but not more effective than spooky text.

In general, cursed letters can be used in Instagram posts and captions, youtube under scary videos, and also in facebook story or Whatsapp status. if you’ll use cursed letters in your profile bio, it will attract new followers. it can be more useful in modern content for example, in current topics.

The use of spooky text in your project/presentation can give you boost-rocket in your growth. generation of high-quality content is not enough, while it should be also attractive and eye-catching. Among this, creepy text can be useful to give you an outstanding impression. That’s how this tool is very useful.

How can we use cursed text to send messages?

Cursed letters are not only used as above, apart from this, we can also use it to send a specific message with funky text and design. As we’ve seen, impression matters, it can put extra value in your sociality and conversation. it can be the funniest way to getting started your conversation with cursed letters.